latest release

Club Hub® for iOS 2.6.0 May 16, 2018

Prospects and Members Tab: When editing member or prospect details, you can now select a country for the address. (USA/CAN only.)

Members Tab: You can now search members across all clubs using the new Advanced search feature!

Electronic Agreements: On the Review screen, you can now tap the subtotals to see a full breakdown of costs.

Electronic Agreements: If enabled on the Dashboard, the ability defer or divide down payments has been added to the Electronic Agreement workflow.

Electronic Agreements: If enabled on the Dashboard, new Electronic Agreements will include a Total Contract Value section. This feature displays the total value of an entire agreement.

Various bug fixes.

release notes

v2.5.35 Apr 25, 2018

Fixing crash that happens when saving a member's tanning settings.

v2.5.34 Apr 16, 2018

Bug fixes

v2.5.33 Apr 2, 2018

Fixed issue where check-ins were not showing on the Overview tab in some situations.

When creating an Electronic Agreement, on the Select Plans to Display screen, you can now pull down to refresh. Refreshing gets the newest changes from Dashboard without having to log out.

Fixed other minor bugs.

v2.5.32 Mar 19, 2018

Bug fixes

v2.5.31 Mar 6, 2018

Fixed an issue where Club Enhancement Fee dates were off by one day

v2.5.30 Mar 5, 2018

Bug fixes

v2.5.29 Feb 19, 2018

Bug fixes

v2.5.28 Feb 5, 2018

Bug fixes

v2.5.27 Jan 22, 2018

Some screens now have more helpful error messages

We now prevent assigning more than 200 clients to a coach

Bug fixes

v2.5.26 Dec 21, 2017

Fixed an issue where certain special characters entered for payment information were causing new agreements to fail with ABC

v2.5.25 Dec 11, 2017

Retention score updated to be more consistent across platforms

Appointments terminology updated to be more consistent across platforms

v2.5.24 Nov 27, 2017

Small UI enhancements

v2.5.23 Nov 13, 2017

Bug fixes

v2.5.22 Nov 7, 2017

To avoid issues with ABC, we are preventing prospects who were previously on multi-member agreements from being converted to members.

v2.5.21 Oct 31, 2017

Fixed a bug where the Appointment button was sometimes missing when creating a new activity

We are rolling out the ability to cancel agreements to our pilot clubs to begin field testing

Minor bug fixes

v2.5.20 Oct 18, 2017

Fixed a crash when you switched to a different club or switched to a different user

v2.5.19 Oct 18, 2017

Canadian clubs are now able to enter a dash on the iPhone when typing a transit number

Fixed an issue where the retention score graph x-axis labels were flipped

Fixed an issue where the prospect and member counts displayed in the filter popups were occassionally inaccurate

v2.5.18 Oct 4, 2017

Our Apple certificate expired. This update renews that certificate so the app can continue to work.

v2.5.17 Sept 28, 2017

Fixed issue where agreements emailed from the Agreement History screen did not successfully go through

v2.5.16 Sept 28, 2017

Fixed a crash when adding multiple members to an electronic agreement

Pending members may no longer do agreement options until they have been processed by ABC

v2.5.15 Sept 25, 2017

Bug fixes

v2.5.14 Sept 12, 2017

Minor tweaks in preparation for releasing Update Payment Method

Improved handling of permissions for the new agreement options

Some small fixes for iOS 11

v2.5.13 Sept 5, 2017

Bug fixes when creating new agreements for expired and archived members

v2.5.12 August 21, 2017

Bug fixes

v2.5.11 August 7, 2017

Fixed an issue where the Agreement History screen was blank for some members

v2.5.10 July 26, 2017

Fixed an issue where some clubs were not seeing all of their plans

Fixed a crash that was happening during the new agreement process

Fixed an issue where some clubs were receiving a network error trying to start the new agreement process

v2.5.9 July 24, 2017

The agreement history screen now shows some historical agreements for a member

v2.5.8 July 10, 2017

Bug fixes and UI tweaks

v2.5.7 June 26, 2017

Some of the screens during the agreement process have an updated UI

We made it more obvious that you can add additional members to an agreement

You can see more information about the plans before presenting them

When adding a prospect, we display additional details when a duplicate is detected

v2.5.6 May 30, 2017

We use to prevent new agreements when a club enhancement fee fell past the agreement's end date. This is now a warning and you can submit the agreement

Staff can now have a coach assigned to them, just like members

v2.5.5 May 30, 2017

Updated the UI when converting a prospect

Moved the member's Agreement History button to the new Agreement Options screen

Other small UI tweaks

Bug fixes

v2.5.4 March 22, 2017

You can now remove the attached photo when using the "Report an Issue" screen

Bug fixes

v2.5.3 March 22, 2017

Fixed a crash when users quickly scroll through their member list

v2.5.2 March 20, 2017

Retention score now displays new members as gray instead of red

v2.5.1 February 23, 2017

Fixed a crash for some iOS 9.0 users when entering agreement payment information

v2.4.6 February 6, 2017

Allow open ended agreements to have a club enhancement fee

Allow searching for member with a space (example: firstname[space]lastname)

Added validation for phone number and email address in invite to Anytime app

v2.4.5 January 23, 2017

Fixed a couple UI issues

Reduced the memory usage of the app to improve multitasking

v2.4.4 November 30, 2016

Fixing issues where notifications were not being sent

v2.4.2 November 3, 2016

Fixing a crash when the "Invite to App" feature is used

v2.4.1 October 31, 2016

Changes to allow the Anytime App to open Club Hub easily

A few minor bug fixes

v2.4.0 October 24, 2016

Includes performance improvements due to using the new Rackspace environment

The progress bar should now appear again near the bottom of the screen

The Email Agreement button will not appear during the agreement process if the new member doesn't have an email address

v2.3.10 October 17, 2016

Fixed a crash when using the credit card reader on iOS 10

v2.3.9 October 4, 2016

Updated an internal certificate that was due to expire soon

v2.3.8 October 3, 2016

Added a confirmation popup before deleting a member

Added a warning 30 minutes prior to the 12 hour logout

v2.3.7 September 20, 2016

Fixed a crash when taking a photo on iOS 10

v2.3.6 September 16, 2016

Fixed a crash with some push notifications

v2.3.5 September 10, 2016

Added support for the upcoming set of new Mastercard numbers

Invite to App button now appears right below the member's photo

Removed the Coach and Invite to App buttons for prospects

Bug fixes

v2.3.3 August 8, 2016

Fixed a crash

v2.3.2 July 25, 2016

Added a reminder to collect the payment for an agreement if not using merchant services

v2.3.1 July 13, 2016

Improved the Usage Overview screen's UI on iPhones

v2.3.0 June 29, 2016

Several updates are included to support international clubs

v2.2.0 April 14, 2016

New feature: briefly open club's outside doors from the app

Bug fixes

Note: future releases will have an improved upgrade process

v2.1.16 March 31, 2016

You can print agreements again from a member's screen

v2.1.15 March 17, 2016

Bug fixes

v2.1.14 March 3, 2016

Fixed a few UI issues

v2.1.13 February 22, 2016

Fixed a bug where some presale clubs could not submit agreements

v2.1.12 February 18, 2016

New member photos won't display sideways in Club Hub Desktop

Other bug fixes

v2.1.11 February 4, 2016

Member photos can be selected from the Camera Roll

UI tweaks

v2.1.10 January 21, 2016

Bug fixes and UI tweaks

v2.1.9 January 7, 2016

Performance enhancements throughout

v2.1.8 December 16, 2015

Fixed an action screen issue where it wasn't showing a club's most recent actions

v2.1.7 December 10, 2015

Presale bug fix

v2.1.6 November 30, 2015

Bug fixes

v2.1.5 November 13, 2015

Fixed an issue with Canadian postal codes

v2.1.4 October 29, 2015

UI improvements to the retention score graph

Logic to help prevent multiple agreements

Bug fixes

v2.1.3 October 15, 2015

Fixed an issue causing duplicate prospect conversions

v2.1.2 October 8, 2015

Added a better invite process for AFM

Bug fixes

v2.1.1 September 22, 2015

Fixed crash on selecting a prospect or member

v2.1.0 September 17, 2015

Added bulk virtual coach and client management

Some improvements to member retention score refresh

v2.0.15 August 26, 2015

Retention score fixes

v2.0.13 August 7, 2015

Improvements preparing for the new Member app

Fixed crash on setting a member's email preferences

v2.0.12 July 23, 2015

Credit Card swiper improvements

Bug fixes

Improvements preparing for the new Member app

v2.0.11 June 19, 2015

Bug Fixes

v2.0.10 June 12, 2015

Fix a crash on launch

Improvements preparing for the new Member app

v2.0.9 May 27, 2015

Fixed a renewal rate bug with open-ended agreements

All prospects are now visible rather than the last 120 days worth

v2.0.8 April 30, 2015

Fixed saving notes on agreements and tours

Improved Canada Postal code validation

Fixed some crashes during the agreement process

v2.0.7 April 16, 2015

Fixed some crashes during the agreement process

v2.0.6 April 10, 2015

Fixes an iOS 8.3 bug with submitting payments

The walkthrough should only display once

v2.0.5 April 2, 2015

Bug fixes

v2.0.4 March 19, 2015

Enhanced Presale Club CEF dates

Fixed crash on Tour

v2.0.3 March 4, 2015

Add timestamps to the Overview tab

Fix crash on Prospects tab

v2.0.2 February 20, 2015

Fixed a bug where the email and print buttons weren't displayed at the end of the agreement process

v2.0.1 February 11, 2015

Redesigned to be simpler to use, feel consistent, and look modern

v1.5.15 January 22, 2015

Bug fixes for agreements and the credit card swiper

v1.5.14 January 15, 2015

Improved credit card number validation

v1.5.13 January 8, 2015

Show who referred a member and show the referrals from that member

Display email settings for members and link to the website to update their preferences

Improve agreements and plans with large text sizes

Bug fixes

v1.5.11 December 22, 2014

Improved credit card validation during agreement process

v1.5.10 December 10, 2014

Added more options for presale clubs during the agreement process

Improved support for Canadian clubs

v1.5.10 December 4, 2014

Trial member check-ins

Presale first payment date can now be adjusted

v1.5.9 December 4, 2014

Improved enhancement date options

v1.5.8 November 20, 2014

Club presale support

Canada support

Improved parts of the agreement payment process

Show required fields for creating a new prospect

Bug fixes

v1.5.7 November 7, 2014

Added password recovery through the app

New videos in the tour

Improved parts of the agreement process

Bug fixes

v1.5.6 October 28, 2014

Fixed the club enhancement fee date changing during the new agreement process

Improved credit card and routing number validation

Additional fixes for iOS 8

v1.5.4 October 13, 2014

Bug fixes

v1.5.3 September 25, 2014

Fixes for iOS 8

An agreement's end date is calculated to be one day less

An agreement's end date will be pushed out to match the last payment date

v1.5.2 September 16, 2014

Bugs fixes for the new agreements process

v1.5.1 September 15, 2014

The actions screen now displays the failure reason

Added an email button when viewing an agreement from the member's contracts screen

v1.5.0 September 9, 2014

Club enhancement fee can be toggled during the agreement process

Auto renewal can be toggled during the agreement process

The number of installments down can be changed during the agreement process

Renewal rates match the membership dues

Reworked taking notes during the tour

Tweaked the UI around agreements

v1.4.0 August 28, 2014

Payment methods can be duplicated

Added the member's profile from the tour

Actions screen shows the status of messages (new agreement, member demographic changes, etc) between the vendor

Added new help page

v1.3.4 August 14, 2014

Can now email agreements

Enhancements to agreement payment methods

v1.3.3 August 1, 2014

Added "Source" to the prospects and members information screen

Smaller application size

v1.3.2 July 21, 2014

Additional bug fixes

v1.3.1 July 18, 2014

Bug fixes

v1.3.0 July 1, 2014

Manage member demographics

Add and see check-in alerts

Improved iOS 7 UI

v1.2.0 June 5, 2014

Fixed bugs related to creating activities for prospects and members

v1.1.2 March 10, 2014

Fixed iOS 7.1 bugs

v1.1.1 February 5, 2014

Fixed expiration notice

Added a duplicate prospect check

Add contact button to activities

v1.1.0 January 23, 2014

Add and Remove Tanning

Change Key Fob Number

Activities: Apply Free Text to “Other” Option

Calendar: Schedule Appointment by Duration

Calendar: Assign Activities

Calendar: Confirm Appointments

Prospects: Apply Not Interested Status

Members: Delete Non-Billing Member Accounts

Member and Prospects: Filter Counts

Members and Prospects: Additional Sort Options

Improved User Interface

v1.0.2 September 26, 2013

Official BETA release of Club Hub for iPad

Added an option to provide direct feedback

Fixed a handful of bugs

v1.0.1 July 10, 2013

Fixes a GPS/location issue with the tour's workplace search

v1.0.0 June 11, 2013

Initial release of the iPad app